Simone Simmons


State: New York - United States

Age: 38

Heigh: 5’7”

Weight:158 LBS



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Sapphire Blue, born a Pisces name Simone, is born and raised from New York City. She only had one dream To Make It! As a little girl she was athletic & ran track til college. But she also had another love. Performing & Entertainment was her #1. With the passion of the Arts in her blood, in her early teenage years pursued modeling & singing. Then progressed to doing hair shows, fashion shows and print. Throughout the years, Simone taught modeling classes & worked with youths as a Youth Director, peeking their interest in acting & comedy at New Mt Zion B.C. in New York. Although a former student of pretigious New York University studying Computer Information Systems and having many other careers later, her life seemed incomplete. So, in 2009, she was asked to join an all girl cast called Sistergirl TV, where she performed doing Comedy and Improv around the city at Broadway Comedy Club, Nuyorican Cafe and other comedy spots. From there this talented young lady continued her dream of acting with renowned coach Tracey Moore. Later hosted shows, interviewed celebrities at events and was apart of creating an internet program called WRN Radio that is AM in Lehigh Valley, PA. Simone remained active in her craft by joining with Browngirl Comedy. After taking a short break working another 9-5 career family, coworkers & friends urged her to go back to pursuing her dreams. Truly understanding being on stage brought her happiness & music was apart of her soul, before long she created a successful radio program called The Sapphire Blue Show on Damatrix Studios Network. Interviewing politicians, celebrities, etc. She also co-hosted on Rich Kids Radio with DJ Kidnu. They say "When it's your time it's your time." As she was selected as a cast member for an upcoming anticipated web series called Da Code to be released soon with a single for it. And just recently became a member of the 950 Lounge Radio Show Host that is watched acrossed the states. Ride along her wave and enjoy!

For one day if life had no rules, what would you do?

For one day if life had no rules I would create multiple facilities for education for youths centering around performing art for free and help develop talents for inner city and poor families. Assist with work programs for families in need.

Tell me three important things about yourself

Three important things about myself is that I recently have agreed to become a Bone Marrow donor & currently in process for an unknown person. I'm believe in God & he leads my life along with his principles. I love my family and friends & will always

Who would you consider a role model and why?

I would consider my mother my role model. Being a single parent, she went back to school working two jobs and obtained her degree. As I watched her struggle she taught me to never give up, remained prayed up and become an independent woman.

What is your definition of success?

The definition of success to me is when you are able to complete your specified goal or personal task for yourself. The feeling of fulliment and absolute joy. To be able to put things in perspective , a clear direction and execute despite struggles.