Sheenah Laine


State: California - United States

Age: 28

Heigh: 5’5”

Weight:130 LBS



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Sheenah Laine was born and raised in Cape Cod, Mass . I would defiantly consider myself an old fashion New England girl. I grew up riding my bike during the school year and swimming all Summer. As I blossomed and began developing my artistic side, I grew a passion for the camera. By the time I graduated High School, I was President of our Television Broadcasting Club, taping all sporting events, selling copies of student events on VHS, and Co Hosting our local Cable TVShow. My Senior year I was in a head on car collision and nearly died. I had my nose plugged, a tooth capped, and over 60 stitches in my face. Bedridden for months I didn't think I would ever be in front or even hold a camera again. After healing I went away to Temple University. I earned my Bachelors degree in Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass media in three years. I began acting and modeling professionally while living in New York . Excited to chase my dream of being a part of the industry, I moved to LA and enjoyed a successful modeling career. My exotic look landed me on the cover of several magazines, music videos, calendars, and tv shows. I did this for about five years before taking a break to reflect on my life. In 2003 I had my son. After gaining 60 pounds I became a licensed trainer, and lost all the weight plus some. I quickly was booked driving all over the city teaching and helping people who wanted to change. Considered a local celebrity in the gym, I began competing. I registered as an NPC amateur athlete and competed in Excalibur 2014 and gold Coast 2015. I won Best Legs of Southern California and hold the title of Muscle Beach Bikini Champion. Currently, am preparing for a summer of competing on Venice Beach. I am Cape Verdean and Puerto Rican and still consider myself the same Country/ Carribean girl living a HollyWood Life.

For one day if life had no rules, what would you do?

If there were no rules for one day, I would stay in my home with my family and invite my close friends over for a BBQ because I would not want to be driving around in Los Angeles if there aren't any rules.

Tell me three important things about yourself

I love working out. I exercise at least 5 times a week. I would consider myself a chef. I've been cooking my whole life and pride myself on my delicious meals and presentation. I own the title Nerd. In my free time I love reading about the paranormal

Who would you consider a role model and why?

Oprah has been my Role Model my whole life. She has overcome so much adversity and has stayed consistent in her career. Where she has come from and where she is now is an inspiration for anyone coming from a challenged background.

What is your definition of success?

My definition of success is when you are truly happy. No one can define success for you. The awareness of knowing what you really need to be happy and the ability to provide that to yourself is success.