Hayley Danner


State: California - United States

Age: 27

Heigh: 5’9”

Weight:160 LBS



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Hayley A. Danner is an American actress, director, writer, producer, dancer, singer, and model. She is best known for her years of runway modeling at the White House for Gap, the face of Tyco Toys’ Baby Wiggles and Giggles Doll which led to be the highest selling African-American doll on a national level to date, Mattel’s national Barbie commercials featuring Hilary Duff, years of performing with Barry Bostwick at the U.S. Capitol, and her performance in the Kennedy Center’s 25th Anniversary Special, featuring Robert Downey Jr., Barbara Walters, Laurence Fishburne, and Morgan Freeman. Proceeding these events, Hayley attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, and later founded The Best Information Ever.

Prior to TBIE, Hayley honed her skills working for companies like TMG Strategies, a premier communications-consulting firm providing strategic counsel to Fortune 500 companies by outlining new strategies for innovation in the face of seismic changes in culture, communications, and business, CBS Radio in the promotions and developmental departments, Vanderbilt Medical Center, at the Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy, whose mission is to promote patient and professional satisfaction with health care experiences and restrain escalating costs associated with patient dissatisfaction through research, teaching, and intervention services, and multiple film and television studios ranging from Marvel Studios, Disney, ABC, CBS, NBC/Universal, HBO, FOX, The White House, GAP, American Girl, The U.S. Capitol, and more.

After graduating from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, with a Bachelors in Film and Managerial Studies, Hayley focused on gaining her certifications in Personal Training and Holistic Nutrition. Becoming extremely passionate about natural health care and wellness, Hayley teamed up with the Legendary Olympian, Venus Williams as a Brand Ambassador for her award winning fitness clothing line, Eleven, By Venus Williams.

For one day if life had no rules, what would you do?

If life had no rules and everything was free, I would spend all of my days with orphans and animals. I have found growing up that people who do bad things and animals that lash out are simply looking for love and attention. I'd like to help heal that

Tell me three important things about yourself

Three important things about myself would be I love jesus, I work hard, and my passion in life is inspire people to be happier in order to spread love and stop the hate that seems to be taking over the world.

Who would you consider a role model and why?

Jesus Christ is the ultimate role model. not only was he constantly hated, criticized, and rebuked, but even turned against by those who he truly showed god. still, he kept his faith, continued to bless others, and laid down his life to save us all.

What is your definition of success?

My definition of success would be the ability to be happy in any situation, despite the curve balls life throws at us. to trust god with my entire mind, body, and soul and have faithful and true loved ones surrounding me always.