Chioneso bakr


State: New York - United States

Age: 21

Heigh: 5’2”

Weight:125 LBS



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Chioneso “Chio” Bakr is a performing artist hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Along with studying acting at Adelphi University, she is a vocalist, dancer, Youtuber and musician who has performed on stages such as Carnegie Hall, the Barclays Center, Madison Square Garden, The Bleeker St. Theatre, The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), and has perfomed at the Inaugural Parade for President Barack Obama. “Chio” started singing at her dance school Purelements. She had to learn almost every style of dance, and it was also required that each student strive to be a well-rounded artist as well. So, of course, musical theatre was included. “Chio” soon realized that she was actually good at singing, and decided to begin to explore it. Acting became her first love, but singing did not follow too far behind. At her own surprise, she realized that she was strong in acting, singing and dance. In fact dance was once her first loves, until she discovered her own voice. She would describe herself as a chameleon, she is always adapting and learning new things.

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